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We believe that IFA Sales & Mergers are unrivalled in terms of approach to selling a business. Our focus is on making sure that business owners get maximum value in the shortest time possible, and buyers only get the most suitable and profitable businesses. Having bought and sold businesses of our own we understand the view of both the seller and the buyer, and in particular because we understand what both buyers and sellers are looking for we are better placed to give hands on advice to sellers of businesses.



We appreciate that selling your business is likely to be the largest and most important deal you will ever conclude. We will achieve the maximum sale price for your business, work closely with you throughout the whole process and support you every step of the way

Current Acquirers

We are regularly approached and commissioned by clients that want independent advice on suitable acquisition targets to meet their business development objectives.Click the icon above to see our current investor requirements.

Free Valuation

Selling your business is likely to be the largest and most important deal you will ever conclude.

Please complete our online form for a free confidential valuation of your business.

Businesses for Sale

Companies looking to sell come to us because they trust our discretion, because we understand their business and ‘speak their language’ and because we have a proven track record for finding buyers and helping sellers achieve the optimum value for their business. Click the icon above to see our current list of businesses for sale


Our services are designed to help our clients reach their strategic goals by identifying opportunities to merge with or acquire other businesses. To this end we need to understand your operational and budgetary requirements. If we do not feel we can help or be of value we will say so at the outset.


We are not a recruitment company, we are in a unique position;

During the process of Buying, Selling and Merging IFA companies we become aware of top performing IFA’s who are not available through other sources